Email signature installation


This document guides you through the basic setup instructions for an email signature that we have created for you. These instructions are based on setting up in Microsoft Outlook, however other mail follow a similar process.

  1. Open the html files in your browser (Google Chrome, Edge etc) – we would have provided you with a URL or HTML file for you to access each signature
  2. Copy entire signature (Press CTRL and A to highlight all, and then CTRL and C to copy) – I recommend against using your mouse for this, the keyboard shortcuts ensure all code is copied so there is less chance of some of the code being missed
  3. To create a new email signature within your mail program, open a new email and click ‘Signature’ > ‘Signatures…’. This brings up the signature management window
  4. Click ‘New’ and provide a useful title (especially important if you have multiple email addresses and signatures)
  5. Paste in the copied signature by right clicking in the editor area,  and under ‘Paste Options’ choose the first icon which is ‘Keep Source Formatting’ (rather than using the keyboard shortcut CTRL and V).
  6. In the ‘Choose default signature’ area, define which email account you want the signature to be for, whether its for new messages, or replies/forwards. I usually set an email signature to only show for new emails, and not for replies or forwards, but you may prefer to always display it.
  7. Click ok
  8. To add the signature to your email, click the Signatures icon and choose the newly created signature

For more details instructions on setting up the signature with Microsoft Outlook 365 (also valid for 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013):

There is also a video here:

If you have any difficulties with the setup of your signature, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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