3CX Guide – How to Setup Voicemail from your Handset

  1. Dial 99 from your handset to access the voicemail system.
  2. Press # IF you would like to access the voicemail belonging to a different extension, such as the Primary Reception Voicemail
    1. Dial the Extension you would like to access.
  3. Enter your Voicemail PIN for the extension you are accessing, followed by “#”.
  4. Dial “9” to go to options.
  5. Dial “8” to change your voicemail greeting message.
  6. Dial “0” to record a new voicemail message:
    1. Be ready to record your greeting. We recommend typing out your greeting in advance to ensure the best recording result.
      1. Verify the recording by pressing 2,
      2. If you would like to re-record the message, press 1.
      3. If you are happy with the recording, select “Save Message” by pressing 0,

The greeting will now appear in the 3CX Admin portal as “savevmgreeting.wav” for the respective extension.

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