The Three AM Team

Founding Partners


Director of IT Solutions

As the head of Three AM’s IT division, Scott oversees a diverse range of projects and jobs from complex network design to website hosting and server management. His hands-on approach see him work all hours of the day to deliver his clients the solutions they need to work better.

Scott’s study of Computer Science at Adelaide University has equipped him with an advanced skillset and knowledge that allows him to deliver smart solutions for clients in less time. This knowledge is also helpful when consulting on IT hardware and systems.

One of Scott’s best assets is his problem-solving and troubleshooting abilities, and is the go-to for our team and clients when a problem comes up that needs solving.

He is always found online researching the latest tech news and reviews to stay at the forefront of his field, while his passion away from the office is Lacrosse, where he has represented his state and country in the sport.


Director of Web Solutions

As the head of our ever growing web solutions division, Simon oversees all aspects of Three AM’s web projects and operations. Simon works collaboratively with the production team and clients to create quality, personalised solutions that connect people and build businesses.

Simon has an impeccable attention to detail that is borderline annoying, but results in websites that hit the mark.

Simon’s University and TAFE qualifications in Website Design, Development and Multimedia are continually enhanced by his commitment to staying up to date with industry trends, technologies and tools.

In his downtime Simon loves spending time with his young family, watching footy, listening to music, dabbling in cryptocurrencies, breaking remote control cars and running around on the Lacrosse field with the other old blokes who still haven’t retired!

The Team


Web Developer

Jayme specialises in the development and maintenance of our WordPress sites. They have a pretty amazing skillset and use a range of tools which make a very difficult job look easy, saving our client’s time and money.

Jayme is an excellent troubleshooter, and with their extensive experience in developing with WordPress, is able to recognise and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.


Office Dog

Lulu is a talented, customer oriented office dog who is excellent at greeting clients and alerting the team to any people walking by on the street that are wearing hats. She loves being walked by staff members during their breaks, enjoys a quick pat and is a great stress reliever! Please just do not open a can when she is nearby!

As a part-time staff member, when she isn’t working Lulu enjoys long walks on the beach, chasing Lacrosse balls and further developing her Border Collie influencer profile. Check her Insta below!

Sunshine Bandits (our extended team)


Graphic Designer / Branding Specialist

Nathan has recently joined our team as an in-house external contractor. Nathan’s claim to fame is that he is the #1 Google-rated Graphic Designer in Adelaide, and after working with him on a few projects, we can see why!

Nathan is highly skilled in all facets of graphic design – including branding, logo design, digital and website design and print, but it’s his level communication that really sets him apart.


Photographer, animator, graphic designer, website designer

Ruwen rounds out our ‘Sunshine Bandits’ an in-house external contractor, operating his Trigger Studio business. Ruwen has a well-rounded skillset, being able to mix photography, all facets of design, animation, and is even a drone pilot.

Ruwen is one of the nicest people you can meet, and complements our team perfectly.