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Be very careful opening ZIP file attachments from an email!

We have recently seen a spate of virus infections by a particularly damaging virus, and have decided to warn all of our current and recent customers.

Devices infected with the virus will firstly copy the virus and then pass it on using your email program. It will send an email with a ZIP file attachment (with the virus in it) to everyone in your contact list. The virus spreads quickly because people open the virus inside the ZIP file; most people do this because they think it’s a legitimate email from someone they know.

This virus can cause widespread and unrecoverable damage to data and cannot be detected by anti-virus programs, so the best defence against it is education.

If you receive an email with a ZIP file attachment, be very wary about opening it, especially if the email is asking you to download a quote or an invoice. Always verify with the sender if the attachment is legitimate if it is not an email you were expecting to receive. Alternatively, you can forward it to us and we can check it to see if the email is legitimate or not.

If you have already opened one of these attachments and have been infected with the virus, please take the following actions immediately:
• Check your sent items in your email program. Contact everyone that the email was sent to and ask they delete the email
• Contact Three AM or any other reputable IT support company – we can connect to the infected computer remotely and remove any infections.

Please forward this on to everyone within your company and contact list – the more people who know about this virus, the less likely it is to spread further.

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